Boxing Random

Toss strong punches in Boxing Random. You have to fight other boxers in this ragdoll physics boxing game. Are you ready to step into the ring and fight? You will fight rounds to determine who is the strongest fighter. The first to attain five points wins. First, eliminate the fastest opponent.

Acquire game tips

You shouldn't let the restricted mobility of your character define you. As you ascend, strike your opponent in the head with a powerful punch. Winning will only become easier when you comprehend the movements and working mechanisms of the fighter you are controlling. Each playground will feature different boxers and competition sites. Play in multiple arenas. Your arena may be a stadium, beach, or snowy place. Wooden crates show up in every Boxing Random match to present a problem for both you and your opponent.

Every game will have a competitive limit. You must master the timing and execute it effectively. The game offers both two-player and single-player game modes. In one-player mode, players must confront the CPU. And in 2-player mode, you can compete with other players. KO rivals right away!

How To Play

Throw punches, and move with the arrows or W key.

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